For many students, private tutoring is a better option for test preparation. Whether you are looking for a more individualized program or you have a busy schedule to work around, we will develop the right tutoring program to fit your needs. Additionally, with a diverse and talented teaching staff, we will take the time to find the right tutor for your student. All tutoring programs include materials, practice plans, and an unlimited number of proctored practice tests.

For students who want to combine the structure of our classroom course with additional, targeted attention, our hybrid tutoring program is the right fit. This includes four hours of additional tutoring and is only available in conjunction with a classroom course. How those four hours are structured is flexible. Past students have used them to focus on challenging areas, have saved them to review prior to their testing date during the year, or used them as an introduction to the ACT.

This program consists of five two-hour tutoring sessions, four practice tests, and all of our materials. It is geared towards students focused on two of the three SAT sections (Critical Reading, Math and Writing). This program is available for the ACT as well. The full-length practice tests are offered on Saturdays and Sundays.

This program, our most popular, consists of ten two-hour sessions, four practice tests, and all of our materials. It covers every section of the SAT and is the equivalent of our full classroom course delivered privately one-on-one, in-home. Scheduling is flexible and hours may be saved for later testing dates. Hours may also be used for the ACT or SAT Subject Tests.

Similar to our 20-hour program, this extended program includes extra time for guided practice and additional in-depth instruction. This option covers every section of the SAT and includes an unlimited number of practice tests and all of our materials. Additional time will be spent delving into the particular areas that your student finds challenging and working on your student's specific strengths and weaknesses.

To find the right tutoring program for your needs, please email us or call 412-874-7645.