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Our Approach

Concept Review — There are a surprisingly small number of concepts that students need to know for the SAT. The Critical Reading requires no background knowledge aside from vocabulary. The Writing Multiple Choice requires that students know about 18 basic grammar concepts. The Math section requires about 30 basic math concepts drawn from arithmetic, algebra, geometry and statistics. Algebra 2 is the highest level on the SAT. We review each and every concept in depth, but more importantly, we show students how each concept is designed to test them on their ability to think one individual step at a time.

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Free PSAT Score Consultation!

Curious as to what your PSAT scores actually mean?  Call us for a free consultation!  We will walk you through each of the scores and subscores.  We can also help you determine whether your student is a better candidate for the New SAT or ACT.  You can reach us at 412-874-7645!

New SAT Classes, ACT Classes and Workshops!

Starting this February, we will be offering our first classes for the newly desgined SAT!  Students who have already taken another one of our courses will be welcome to join for a New SAT Course at a discounted rate.  We will also continue to offer courses and workshops for the ACT.  Please call 412-874-7645 to learn more!  

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