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Our Approach

Concept Review — There are a surprisingly small number of concepts that students need to know for the SAT. The Critical Reading requires no background knowledge aside from vocabulary. The Writing Multiple Choice requires that students know about 18 basic grammar concepts. The Math section requires about 30 basic math concepts drawn from arithmetic, algebra, geometry and statistics. Algebra 2 is the highest level on the SAT. We review each and every concept in depth, but more importantly, we show students how each concept is designed to test them on their ability to think one individual step at a time.

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Unlimited Practice Tests

For all Goldstein Test Prep classroom course and tutoring programs, students are welcome to attend an unlimited number of practice tests both during the summer and school year.  All of our courses include four scheduled tests, but students are welcome to continue dropping in on tests, especially as they get closer to their testing dates.  We run practice tests at most of our locations just about every weekend, and can provide additional SAT and ACT practice tests throughout the process.  

New Fox Chapel Location at Shady Side Academy

We are excited to announce that beginning this summer, Goldstein Test Prep will be partnering with Shady Side Academy to offer SAT and ACT Preparation programs on campus at Shady Side!  Just like all of our group courses, students are able to take an unlimited number of practice exams throughout the year and, after completing a course, are welcome to sit-in on future courses of the same type to review at no additional charge.  Courses at Shady Side Academy will be open to students throughout the Fox Chapel Area and beyond.  To view offerings, visit our Courses Page or Shady Side's summer program home page here!  

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