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Our Approach

Knowing the Test — Most students take the SAT without knowing what they are being tested on or why. The SAT tests students on a very narrow set of step-by-step thinking skills, and each section is designed to test that type of thinking. We show students how each question is constructed and only then do we go over strategies. Students leave our programs with a specific strategy for each question type, but more importantly, they know what they are being tested on.

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New SAT Classes and Workshops!

Starting this February, we will be offering our first classes for the newly desgined SAT!  Students who have already taken another one of our courses will be welcome to join for a New SAT Course at a discounted rate.  We will also be offering abridged New SAT Workshops for returning students who simply want to learn about the differeneces between the Old SAT and the New SAT.  Please call 412-874-7645 to learn more!  

Unlimited Practice Tests

For all Goldstein Test Prep classroom course and tutoring programs, students are welcome to attend an unlimited number of practice tests both during the summer and school year.  All of our courses include four scheduled tests, but students are welcome to continue dropping in on tests, especially as they get closer to their testing dates.  We run practice tests at most of our locations just about every weekend, and can provide additional SAT and ACT practice tests throughout the process.  

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